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I will work closely with you to originate and craft the visual identity and designs that best represent your company and bringing forth your brand essence so it radiates your true value and expertise!

Branding & Design




Business Cards and Stationery


Social media graphics


Flyers, ads, postcards, etc.


PowerPoint Template, Video graphics




Signage and banners

The creation of your logo, to the development of your brand is a meticulous process. The visual consistency and connection between each element will not only bring recognition, but will create that same sense of consistency, commitment and clarity about how you do business. A complete package of branded items, as well as a branding guideline is recommended whether your business is evolving, growing or just starting.

Do you want to know where your brand stands now?

Here are some projects I have designed & developed. I would love to add yours too…


What is the VISION you have for your business? Visualize the ideal state of your business. Imagine yourself doing business. How does all of that look like? How is your product or service? Who buys from you? Is it in any specific location? How much money are you making?

A great, customized logo will not only attract the type of clients that you want but it will serve as a guide to focus on through that process towards your vision.



Is your business non-existent?

No matter how good your services or products are if there is no “face” and no “body” for this business, it adds up to nothing. You will go around invisible. You see, after that “face”(logo) of your business is created, it needs a “body” (the whole visual brand identity). It must be consistent and match that “face”. You don’t want it to look like the face of a 39 year old woman with the body of an 80 year old man.


Graphic Design

Visuals speak more than words! That, we all know. A good design opens doors easily and makes life easier! A good design will take visual elements, play with them and create something visually attractive, easy to look at, read and understand…Something that will make clients feel represented as best can be and will help market, communicate and expand your business.


Art and Illustrations

Everything started through art! Painting and illustrating is a passion and vehicle for self-expression. I enjoy bringing this into every project I do, from logos, to brands and designs and making them special and very unique! Please take a look and enjoy!

Also visit: https://theartjourney.com/ you will love it and find the best gifts!


Photography & Photomanipulation

I’ve always loved photography! I grew up with my father taking photos all the time and had a gigantic collection of family photos. I got introduced to analog photography in art school and would spend a lot of time practicing and developing photos in the dark room. I used it continuously through the years as a great tool and starting point for great designs so took many, participated in the production of many and edited tons. Lately I’ve just decided to enjoy it more for my own happiness and took advantage of all the cool tools technology can bring. Many are just fun pictures taken with the phone on my daily adventures, some I edited to create fun, colorful pieces I work on editing on the phone through tons of effects, brushes, filters, etc. which lead me into creating something interesting. I have also started using the camera again and am having so much fun with textures, colors, black and white photography.


Sabrina Fajardo, Designer & Artist!

Sabrina Fajardo, The Brand Artisan, is committed to helping people fulfill their dreams. Raised in a diverse multi-cultural environment, with constant exposure to different artistic expressions, Sabrina developed a true love for art. During her childhood and teenage years she would immerse herself, almost every day, into long drawing and painting sessions in which she enjoyed full expression. Although she chose graphic design as a career, the artist has played a most important role, now more than ever. Through many ups and downs (downs which became just ups), she understood the true and powerful value of sharing our gifts; she brings together the sensitivity and intuition of the artist, the caring and love of a mother; the many colors of her background and the knowledge and experience of many years working as a graphic designer in the corporate world, to the creation of her business. She provides artistic expressions that communicate, enroll, reach, identify and stand out through the conception and development of a unique images to best represent and fully support the process for personal, business and corporations to reach their visions and dreams.

What my clients say about me and my work

The best design experience by far! Thank you, Sabrina for a brilliant job! We highly recommend  Sabrina for all your creative needs! –

Sabrina Fajardo is The Brand Artisan who has brought so many of my ideas to the life! What I love about working with Sabrina is she listens to what my goals, objectives and intentions are and then creates the perfect picture of how that can be clearly represented. Remember — a picture is worth a thousand words and Sabrina’s pictures for your business and your brand will bring you thousands (and thousands) of dollars. Call her today!!

I have worked with Sabrina on several projects as well as a logo for my company. Sabrina is creative, original, and down right talented!

I don’t just endorse anyone however I endorse EVERYTHING Sabrina Fajardo does!

Sabrina has been an inspiration and a dream to work with on all her designs. She is flexible and willing to put her whole heart into the graphics and make it an experience my customers will love. She has a gift of knowing exactly what I need and gives it to me in a timely manner! She is a Brand master!

Sabrina is more than a graphic designer. Sabrina brings your brand to life that resonates with you and with your clients. Sabrina has worked on a number of businesses and products for me and I would not hesitate to recommend her to clients needing and wanting an artisan’s touch on their business idea or transforming your existing brand. Sabrina is a pleasure to work with and will get the job done right. She acts as an extension of your business. I just love working with Sabrina. She is a great choice for your brand and for your business.

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