Three essentials in the creation of your logo and visual branding.

When starting a business people tend to start from the end.  It seems a great way to save time and money.  At the end they realize that including the creation of a logo and the right branding strategy could’ve saved them not only the time and the money, but brought them a lot easier and faster to stand out from the crowd and make their dreams come true.

I love helping people through this process, which sometimes can be really hard.  It can be like giving. What is this image going to say about you and what you do?  I treat it as a “Vision Board”. If you have ever done and used one, it will work the same way in many ways. That logo and branding strategy represents all of it: your dreams, your vision, who you are, what you do. It sets a standard to follow and reach your goals.  In addition, it also enrolls others into knowing, recognizing and understanding about you and your business. They can only come to you and do business with you if they have this type of connection.

The essentials:

  1. Take your time. You want to do this the right way. The creation of your business logo and branding is “an investment”. We are talking about your vision and dreams for your business.  Be clear about them. Be open to communicate these and about yourself to the person you choose to work on this project.
  2. Choose the right person. Again take your time. Not every designer connects the same way with you. Make sure they know what they are doing. Take a look at their portfolio and testimonials. Call them and interview them. They should really care for you.
  3. Let it stand on its own. Understand that the logo is like the face and the right branding gives it a body. Make sure all the pieces match as one.  It is essential that every single visual product that represents your business connects to the other.

Once you have that face and body, let it breathe! You are now ready to launch that business everywhere, use the colors, the logo, the fonts over and over. If you have to dress up with the colors do it! The more you reinforce that image, the more you are recognized.  Make it something you enjoy and have fun with. This is what the creation of your dreams must be.